Get Involved – Venues

Here are the Art Walk Campaign Components:

The BIG ONE = Every May for the past 19 years, the Greenwood Arts Council has produced an annual art walk with fantastic results. Many businesses who sell art say, it’s one of their best sales weekends of the year! The Arts Council goes to great lengths to advertise online and in Seattle newspapers. Each participating venue sees extra traffic and many are visitors from other neighborhoods and beyond.

MAP = up to 10,000 folded card stock maps are printed and distributed each year with YOUR website URL on it. That equals a lot of extra traffic visiting you in person and online.

ADVERTISING = In 2015, the Greenwood Arts Council will run 4 ads, one each quarter in the A&P, the Arts & Performance quarterly newspaper produced by The Stranger, to promote our Art Up & Chow Down event every 2nd Friday of the month.

This site is managed by volunteers and is a benefit to every paying member of our program. This site is getting thousands of hits each month as seen on our Google stats! All you have to do is SUBMIT your art show information or art walk specials by the 1st of each month, include a photo, and it too will appear!  <>

POSTERS = Hundreds of posters are printed every year in support of our Art Walk, which include the 12 dates for that year: they go up in participating and supporting businesses all over the area.

A-BOARDS = 7 solid wood A-boards go up each week of art walk around the neighborhood with our new ArtUp & Chow Down logo. They have map holders, for additional distribution of art walk maps.


OPTION A = everything $90/year
Inclusion in The Big One, Map Listing with your businesses URL, Advertising, Website event listings and Business Listing with link to your business, Poster, A-Boards

OPTION B = For venues that are not able to be open more than 10 out of the 12
2nd Fridays $65/year
Inclusion in The Big One, Advertising, Website event listings, Poster, A-Boards
*Please be aware you will not have a listing on the map, nor does this include a link to your website on the monthly artwalk website.

OPTION C = The Big One only $45/year
Inclusion in May’s annual big weekend art walk and website for that month


Email us for any questions:

Don’t forget to indicate if your business DOES NOT show art, but instead offers Art Walk specials on 2nd Fridays each month. You will get a special notation on the map!


Greenwood Arts Council Executive Members
Michele Osgood, Bherd Studios Gallery
& Ann Bowden

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