Call for Artists: Pigs on Pavement at Woodland Park Zoo


Woodland Park Zoo is introducing three new species of pig to our guests this year:

Visayan warty pigs – a critically endangered pig from the forests of the Visayan Islands of the Philippines.  This pig will be located in a recently renovated Asian Marsh exhibit in the zoo’s Elephant Forest.

African warthogs – this African species of pig, made popular in Disney’s The Lion King, will be located in the zoo’s former wild dog exhibit.

Kunekune – Kunekune are a domestic pig from New Zealand.  Scheduled to arrive at the zoo by June, these pigs will be housed in the zoo’s kid-friendly Family Farm.

Pigs on the pavement

To celebrate the arrival of pigs at the zoo, we’re planning a number of fun and creative promotions.  One of our favorites is “Pigs on the Pavement, and celebration of pigs – and community art –on the weekend of August 18-19.

This will be an opportunity for zoo guests to see your artwork and celebrate warty pigs, warthogs, and kunekune pigs. We expect big crowds both Saturday and Sunday.

Pigs on the Pavement involves chalk painting by professional (or talented amateur) artists at the zoo’s new west entry – either in the West Commons (outside the entry) or West Plaza (inside the entry).

New, smooth pavement will easily accommodate up to 20 artists on approximately 5’ x 10’ slabs, with plenty of room around each space to draw, and draw attention.  Artists can meet the public, talk about their art as they work and perhaps display some of their other works nearby.

To see the most zoo guests, artists should plan to draw from 10:30 – 12:30, but could come earlier to set up and stay later to talk about their art.

Ideally, 12 artists would be invited to participate at the Saturday event.  Their art could be left up on Sunday, and the artists could return to be greet guests and interpret their art on Sunday if they so choose.  An addiitonal 8 artists would produce new pieces on the pavement on Sunday, thus providing a consistent level of activity both days.

Children would be invited to draw too!  Space on the asphalt near the zoo’s historic carousel or by Zoomazium will be provided, along with plenty of chalk, to let youngsters inspired by the professionals try their hands at decorating the pavement.

Promoting the Phinneywood Annual Art walk

The Pigs on the Pavement weekend event, scheduled for August 18-19 will occur a week after the monthly Phinneywood artwalk, so artists at the artwalk can invite their admirers to come see them work their magic on the pavement just a few days later.


  • The opportunity to exhibit their art at the zoo in front of thousands of zoo guests.
  • All chalk will be provided – we’ve purchased chalk for professional chalk art
  • Admission tickets (up to 4) for your family or friends to accompany you to the zoo and spend the day


HOw to sign up:

Contact Kirsten, Jane or Jim:

Kirsten Pisto, (206) 548-2481

Jane Stonecipher ,(206) 548-2624

Jim Bennett, (206) 548-2474

Please provide your email address and phone number.




Let us know days that you can participate.  Please number them 1-4 in order of preference:

___Saturday August 18

___Sunday August 19

If you picked a Saturday, let us know if you’d like to return on Sunday and talk to zoo visitors about your art – or perhaps undertake another drawing!  It will remain in place for the entire weekend.

A representative of the zoo will contact you with more details and confirm your participation.


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