Art Up PhinneyWood: Friday, October 12 from 6-9pm

A1 Piano:
7020 Greenwood Ave N
Darlene Dihel, SUMI artist from Gig Harbor, WA, has studied this ancient art for several decades. She studied sumi painting without formal instruction until moving back to the Pacific Northwest over 10 years ago when she joined the prestigious group called Puget Sound Sumi Artists. Being an active member of that group her goal is to share the style of sumi painting with others. Participating in festivals, having one-person shows, and teaching workshops are many of Darlene’s activities.

Darlene had a great career of teaching sixth grade and art K-12 and raised a family of two with her husband, Merle, who was a counselor. Teaching on Kwajalein for 17 years was the highlight of her career. “I am passionate about painting sumi and enjoy every minute I spend creating in my studio. It is a never-ending process that brings joy to my life.”

WHAT IS SUMI PAINTING? Sumi painting is spontaneous with no pre sketching, each stroke being the final one. Technically it is painting with black ink made from pine soot and glue applied to rice paper using animal hair brushes. Visually it is simplicity of design, plainness of color, uncluttered lines, and simple grace and proportion. The painting begins with a subject, the artist’s interpretation, and then the viewers interpretation and reaction. Spiritually, it is beauty originated from within. It has the power to stir the hearts and emotions of all who see it. Artist present.

Art on the Ridge:
8005 Greenwood Ave N
The Special Exhibit features beautiful natural scuptures from driftwood, perfected and brought to life by very patient artists. Featuring: Jo Marsh, Jan Petzel, Tom & Mary Louis Hager, Sue Banks, Chadd Hass, and Arline De Palma, Jennifer Cutshall, Amanda Phipps, Susan Brown, Garet Wolfe, Jeffery Blucher, and Joya Marie Marsh. Plus Live Artist Demo’s throughout the evening. Artists present.

All Aboard Furniture: 6500 3rd Ave NW
Ceramics with a spooky theme for Halloween by artist Faye Baker. Artist present.

Avanti Art & Design: 7317 Greenwood Ave N
“The Bizzarre Bazzaar Masquerade” A masked wonderland of grim & whimsy so good even the monsters can look away!  Avanti Art & Design hosts its’ 4th annual masquerade featuring local artists creations in 3d Mixed media sculpture, painting on canvas, sculpted leather work,  photography, original illustrations on paper & much more. Join us, indulge your alter ego & break out your best costume.  There will be a $100 gift certificate awarded for the costume best to show! You & your friends can Vote for your favorite pick thru our Facebook page thru Oct 31st.

Featuring the works of: Tammy Deneau, Diana Federighi, Savannah Horrocks, Tasia Bozek, Rob A. Johnston, Sophie Ngoc Nguyen, Leora Michal Alk, Kate “The Great” Stevens, Gregory Billingsley, and KaGo. Artists present.

BaBaLouise: 616 NW 65th Street
Artwork by Joe Vollan. Artist present.

*Bleacher’s Pub: 8118 Greenwood Ave N
Stop in for a discounted appetizer or entrée during the monthly art walk.

Bherd Studios Gallery
312 N 85th Street, Suite 101 (above Chase Bank)
For their fourth appearance as guest curators at Bherd Studios Gallery, Seattle artists Kate Protage and Chris Sheridan explore contemporary artists’ approaches to an essential theme that is sometimes undervalued because of its traditional roots—the modern still life.

This is Not Your Grandmother’s Still Life showcases the work of eight artists who are breathing new life into the genre by making drawings and paintings of objects that are relevant and contemporary, whether that’s through their choices in subject matter or their technique. From gorgeous, intricate stencil-based paintings of tattoo equipment to intaglio prints of seemingly straightforward objects that offer subtle commentary about society’s current hot-buttons, Protage and Sheridan present work that encompasses a wide range of subjects, styles and resulting emotions.

Exhibition runs from October 12th through November 2nd at Bherd Studios Gallery in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle, and includes the art of: Marie Gagnon, Sullivan Giles, Molly Peters, Albert Shelton, Chris Sheridan, Kellie Talbot, Mark Tracy and Andrea Wicklund. Artists present.

*Carmelita’s: 7314 Greenwood Ave N
$5 Happy Hour Menu All Night!

Chocolat Vitale
: 6257 3rd Ave NW
Recent paintings by Don DeLeva in acrylic and oil on panels, celebrating the lives of technological workers.

“Dia de los Muertos inspired portraits of
today’s every day Techy hero.
Thank you for all the Apps!” — Don DeLeva
Artist Present.

Couth Buzzard Books: 8310 Greenwood Ave N
Artwork by: Ruby Smith (Black & White Photos) Brian Prosser(Collaborative Collages) Ben Chamberlain(Pen & Ink) RIchard Milliken(Altered Photos) Chris Rodgers( sculptures).

7:30pm.RONIN 3 & GUESTS DICK VALENTINE & STEVE FANDRICH. Our Monthly Jazz Improv. Usually it is the First Friday, but for October only these masters of Improv will perform on th Second Friday. Ronin is Kenny Mandell (woodwinds, percussion), Don Berman (percussion) and Simon Henneman (guitar). October’s Guests include Sax player Dick Valentine and the return of keyboardist Stephen Fandrich. Free Improv, with a Nod to Monk and Mingus. Free, with a pass of the hat. Great Food and Drinks–including beer from Fremont Brewing–available. Each Month Kenny, Don and Simon invite a musician to perform with them, playing originals and standards through the lens of Free Improv–with a Special Nod to Monk.

Echo Echo Gallery
(Greenwood Collective)
8537 Greenwood Ave N, Suite 1
Echo Echo proudly present new works in the spirit of Halloween with a show titled: ‘Witchcraft’. Each artists takes on the theme of occultism reflecting the urban, pop surrealism, and underground art scene. Featuring Alexandria Sandlin, Christopher J Olson, Maxx Follis, Mike Capp, Ripley and Xavier Lopez Jr. Artists present.

*Gaspare Ristorante and Bar: 6705 Greenwood Ave N
Artwalk Bellini Cocktails $5. Plus Happy Hour menu from 5-7pm only $4 – $7 items with special cocktail and wine prices.

Gainsbourg: 8550 Greenwood Ave N
Monthly rotating artwork by local artists.

Home Suite Home Gallery (Greenwood Collective)
8537 Greenwood Ave N, Suite 1
Come get creepy with us as Quincy Quigg unleashes his high end horror decor art. Quigg has been deviously toiling over his pulp macabre sculptures and has concocted a truly spooky space not for the faint of heart! Costumes are highly encouraged! (get in the spirit of the season and get some extra mileage out of those costumes, DRESS UP!) Revolting refreshments will be supplied.

*parents with young children and people easily frightened…this is a SPOOKY show…some themes/visuals may be too much for the wee ones. Artist present.

In The Red Wine Bar & Cafe: 6510 Phinney Ave N
Monthly rotating artwork by local artists.

Kouzina: 8403 Greenwood Ave N
Monthly rotating artwork by local artists.

Makeda Coffee: 153 N 78th Street
Monthly rotating artwork by local artists.

Naked City: 8564 Greenwood Ave N
Surreal paintings of fall and winter with haunted snowmen and talking pumpkins by artist Sky Andrews-Gerspacher.  Artist present.

Oliver’s Twist: 6822 Greenwood Ave N
Inspired by urban landscapes, botany and make believe monsters. Most creations are made of ink, gouache, wood, paper-cuts, love and a sense of humour by Emmalee Bozek. Artist Present.

PNA Gallery:
6532 Phinney Ave N
In October and November, the Phinney Center Gallery will showcase the work of sixteen local artists. These artists were selected by jurors for our annual Northwest Fine Arts Competition. Artists include: Tina Carter, Suzan Fant, Julie Fisco, Susan Gans, Trisha Gilmore, Elizabeth Halfacre, Irena Jablonski, Anita Lehmann, Chris Maynard, David McCrae, Dorothy McGuinness, Susan Miller, Gordon Nealy, Wanda Pelayo, Tamara Stephas, and Suze Woolf. Artists present.

Rockwell Realty: 8315 Greenwood Ave N
“17 hours” – Photography by Stephanie Moe “A collection of images taken over the course of one summer Seattle day. No set destinations or planned shots, just whatever the day brought and my eye saw. A very fun challenge!” Artist present.

Starbucks: 316 N 67th Street
Artwork by Chris Mighton.  Artist Statement: I often wonder what thoughts would look like if we could freeze them, capture them, bottle them and print them out to share. Most of us can imagine a tree in our head perfectly when we’re asked to describe it to someone. Most of us will probably see green leaves, a trunk and branches with no problem in our head before we even utter a word about it. But how do we know that our visual thought representation of a tree is the same as an arborist or a bird or a robot? Would it be the same as mine? What about the thoughts of an actual tree? Even though trees have no brain or nervous system, they still react to the environment and make what some would consider intelligent decisions. Humans rely on communication through audio/ visual means but many organisms rely on a chemical language that has evolved over millions of years. What would happen if we interfaced with that chemical language? What would we see? What if a tree could convey it’s thoughts or awareness in the form of an image? What would that look like? I explore this through both drawings and screen printed imagery that I created thanks to the awesome studio space at Print Zero in Georgetown.

: 7513 Greenwood Ave N
We have been excited about this art exhibition all year! Paintings inspired by characters in storybooks… We invite you to join us for the opening night party and artist reception. Costumes encouraged, Tasty owners will be hosting an off-site pre-halloween after party!

25 artists from all around the region, including a feature wall by Tasty’s co-owner, Sean Wilkinson (aka Wilky):
Alexandria Sandlin, Justin Hillgrove, Augie Pagan, Kurtis Rykovich, Braden Duncan, Lea Barozzi, Carlos Aguilar, Mary Louise, Christine Benjamin, Megan Majewski,  Dara Harvey, Rebecca Dickinson, Dienzo, Redd Walitzki, Glitter Mortis, Rob Schwartz, Jenn Brisson, Siolo Thompson, Jenna Colby, Wilky, Jenny Dayton, Xavier Lopez. Including 3 custom doll designers: Kaitlin Phillips Goodey, Ladybug Dreamland and Sheri DeBow. Artists present.

*The Olive & Grape: 8516 Greenwood Ave N
Enjoy 10% off all Olive Oils during the artwalk.

Two Birds Tattoo: 7408 Greenwood Ave N
Monthly rotating artwork by local artists.

Urban Light Studios (Greenwood Collective)
8537 Greenwood Ave N, Suite 1
Greenwood Lit Crawl (various poets). Linocut, lithography and woodcut by Kyle Huntress, Sam Hamrick, Ana Karina Luna, Nate Stottrup, Scott Travis, Dan Cautrell. Artists present.

Warlock Labs: 101 N 85th Street, #203
Halloween themed pen & ink, comics-inspired drawings by Scott Faulkner, David Lasky, Dalton Webb, Tom Dougherty, Jason Zayas.
*Venues offering Artwalk Specials & Discounts.

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