Art Up PhinneyWood: Friday, January 11 from 6-9pm

Artwalk Map 2013_front


A1 Piano: 7020 Greenwood Ave N
Presenting Visual Art AND Live Music. Doug Keith – Guitar Art; Andrew Buckles – Paintings; Rebecca Noss – Jewelry; AS WELL AS: Lesleigh Walters Reinfried – Pianist; Lauren Wilder – Violinist.

Seattle artist Doug Keith prowls yard sales and swap meets for used or neglected guitars to give them new life as art! By using a variety of techniques and mediums, his unique “ARTAXES” reflect Doug’s interest in art and music. They feature themes such as; science fiction, sports, history, blues, and much more! Please note, the guitars have strings strictly for visual appeal and should not be considered “playable” but enjoyed as art!

Boasting a combined 36 years of musical experience, pianist Lesleigh Reinfried and violinist Lauren Wilder bring an inexhaustible charm and brilliance to their performance style. Individually, Wilder and Reinfried have performed at international venues and studied under world-class performers. As educators and performers, they showcase their versatility from the classroom to the concert hall, breathing life into repertoire from classical, to French tangos, to pop favorites, and everything in between! Artists present.

Ampersand Pantry & Cafe: 424 N 85th St, Suite 1
Acrylic paintings by April Davis.

Avanti Art & Design: NEW LOCATION!
7601 Greenwood Ave N, Suite 101
Monthly rotating art by local artists.


Bherd Studios Gallery
312 N 85th Street, Suite 101 (above Chase Bank)
Bherd Gallery presents New End: Dangerous Times, a completely immersive, multi-media installation by Dylan Neuwirth & Jeff Gerber (aka Raven) under their new moniker #TRACKSTARS. The artists have created an environment that addresses our modern day angst’s and how we communicate. While social media has allowed us to communicate to a much broader audience, it has also clearly driven us away from focusing on things that are most present in our lives, like the people around us and the experiences that we have with them. After all the posting and re-posting, the “Likes” and the “Shares” what was the original intent of the message? And what does it say about us as people? #TRACKSTARS have traveled extensively internationally and have brought their cultural experiences with temples and meditation into the gallery. Look for the white neon hashtag beaconing you to the New End. Artists present.

*Carmelita: 7314 Greenwood Ave N
$5 Happy Hour Menu All Night!

*Cornuto: 7404 Greenwood Ave N
A Margherita Pizza w/a glass of our Vino Della Casa for $15.

Couth Buzzard Books: 8310 Greenwood Ave N
Friday, January, 11th 7:30pm. CHORO TOCANDO–PNW FOLKLORE SOCIETY COFEE HOUSE CONCERT. Choro Tocando is a flute and guitar duo – formed in 2009 by KTzinha on flute and Paul on guitar. Choro is a style of Brazilian popular music that originated in the late 19th century and is still performed today. Choro pre-dates samba and bossa nova as a national music style, and developed from Brazilian performers interpreting European dance music with African-influenced rhythms.


Echo Echo Gallery (Greenwood Collective)
8537 Greenwood Ave N, Suite 1
The artists of Echo Echo Gallery challenge themselves by all taking on Sleepwalkers. Their task is to interpret this theme in the short dark days of the new year and bring to you new art on the 11th. The gallery will be open at noon for early visitors; art walk festivities start at 6pm.

Echo Echo Gallery’s artists are: Alexandria Sandlin, Christopher J Olson, Maxx, Mike Capp, Ripley and Xavier Lopez. Head down the stairs and follow the signs with the crown for another amazing show at Echo Echo. Artists present.


Fist Full of Metal Tattoo: 125 N 85th Street
Acrylic watercolor and ink on paper by Khalil Linane. Khalil’s show presents to us the alphabet and animals to go along with it. Z is for Zorilla! Artist present.

The Foundry Print Shop: 129 N 85th Street
Water color and tattoo art by Charlie Girl. Artist present.

*Gainsbourg: 8550 Greenwood Ave N
Offering an artwalk special or discount.

In The Red Wine Bar & Cafe: 6510 Phinney Ave N
Pyrograghy by Izzy Donohue. Artist present.

Kouzina: 8403 Greenwood Ave N
Featuring Fine Art Photography and Oil Paintings by Alexis Henry and Pat. Artists present.

Makeda Coffee: 153 N 78th Street
Monthly rotating artwork by local artists. Artist present.

Naked City: 8564 Greenwood Ave N
Monthly rotating artwork by local artists.  Artist present.

Oliver’s Twist: 6822 Greenwood Ave N
Inspired by urban landscapes, botany and make believe monsters. Most creations are made of ink, gouache, wood, paper-cuts, love and a sense of humour by Emmalee Bozek. Artist Present.


Phinney Neighborhood Gallery: 6532 Greenwood Ave N
Phinney Center Gallery features the art of local artists Laurel Henn and Suzanna Leigh. Laurel Henn’s art tells stories of simple things that make her happy, of everyday things that are easy to take for granted. Suzanna Leigh paints in watercolors to capture the magic of Vashon Island and the environment around her. Join us for the opening reception on Friday, January 11 from 7-9 pm at the Phinney Center to meet the artists and see their work. Artists present.

Quality Folk: 7903 Greenwood Ave N
(Gallery is in garage on the corner of Greenwood & 79th)
Featuring colored pen and ink drawings and playable musical sculptures by Steve Einhorn. Artist present.

Tasty: 7513 Greenwood Ave N
GIFTED 3: Encore! January 2013 at Tasty continues a tradition of featuring underpriced art for sale with 5 walls of art for $100 or less and 3 walls of art for $200 or less. Come invest in local talent and gain lifelong treasures that will make you and your loved ones smile. This exhibition runs through February 1st.

Participating artists include many of our annual favorites: Barry McAlister (sculptures), Brenda Dunn (art), Christine Benjamin (sculpted pins), Court Hoffman (art), Crochet Genie (knits), Deviant Decor (art), Dienzo (prints), Glitter Mortis (art), Gina Louise Designs (wearable art), Helen Troy (knits), Jen Hardwick (recycled sculptures), Jenna Colby (art), Jessica Wilkinson (whimsical ceramics), Jody Joldersma (art), Justin Hillgrove (giclees, prints, coloring books), Laurie McClave (prints), Marty Gordon (prints), Megan Majewski (prints, pendants, pins), Olvera Designs (mosaic mirrors), Phresha (art), SnooterDoots (felted creatures, hand puppets, catnip carrots), SockPals (frankentights & frankensocks) and Wilky (art). Artists present.

*The Olive & Grape: 8516 Greenwood Ave N
Enjoy 10% off all Olive Oils during the artwalk.

Closing Time_Marty Gordon

Two Birds Tattoo: 7408 Greenwood Ave N
Featuring the collage art of Marty Gordon (aka What Would Jesus Glue). Gordon draws on a diverse artistic background that includes writing, theater, and printmaking to make his clever collages. A former minister, Gordon now devotes his spare time to collage making. Blending sophisticated humor with a comic visual style, he has developed his own unique genre of collage.

Urban Light Studios (Greenwood Collective)
8537 Greenwood Ave N, Suite 1
Monthly rotating artwork by local artists.

Warlock Labs: 101 N 85th St, Suite 203
Illustration & comics-inspired drawings and paintings by Scott Faulkner, Dalton Webb and Tom Dougherty. Artists present.

*The Yard Café: 8313 Greenwood Ave N
Offering an artwalk special or discount.

*Artwalk venues offering special discounts.