Face Off Event at Naked City: Wed, Oct 2 at 7pm

Versus_main event

Event starts at 7pm on Wed, Oct 2nd
Naked City Brewing
8564 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle

Artist will be battling artist in the first edition of “Face Off” presented by Bherd Studios Gallery! Artists will have 15 minutes to create work in each battle. Michelle Anderst & Adam Valmassoi vs Solace & CASH in the tag team event of Flora vs Fauna. John Osgood vs Braden Duncan in the Battle of the Birds. Sensei 23 against HOPS in the Tangle of Typography. And for the Main Event, Aaron Jasinski vs. Larkin Cypher. Winner of each match will be determined by who generated the most for their piece in the live auction which happens after each match. All proceeds go directly to the artist. Be sure to come out to root for and to bid on your favorite artist and your favorite pieces. (Bidders should bring cash, no credit card machine available for this event)

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