Art Up & Chow Down in PhinneyWood: Fri, April 11 from 6-9pm



A-1 Piano: 7020 Greenwood Ave N
Bad Art Walk- ‘Bad Art” by various artists from A-1 Piano owners’ private collection. Think scary clowns, velvet, dogs playing poker, etc. Complete with junky carnie circus food and LIVE MUSIC by The Neerdowells, an up and coming garage/punk band. Musical artists present.


Avanti Art & Design Co-op Gallery & Frame Shop:  7601 Greenwood Ave N
Presenting “ReRun” Our 6th Annual repurposed materials showcase, featuring an eclectic collection of local 2 & 3D visual art exhibiting a variety of multi media works comprised of found objects, new & repurposed materials. ReRun opens Friday April 11th 6-9pm thru May 2nd. Featuring work by Keith Haynes, Deb Shannon, Steven Fogell, Alex Zimmerman aka (Alex Z aka theZim), Leela Pastala, Jonathan Rosman aka (Lucky), Jen Hardwick, David Maynard, Tarah Luke, and Nelda Hanson. Artists present.


Ampersand Pantry & Cafe: 424 N 85th St, Suite 1
Open only until 8pm. Acrylic paint on stretched canvas by Matt Bazemore. Artist present.


Bherd Studios Gallery: 312 N 85th Street, Suite 101
ARTIST TALK with Kellie Talbot & Troy Gua starting at 7pm.
Kellie Talbot and Troy Gua pair up in an unlikely road trip to explore themes of migration, manifest destiny, and the unique American yearning to get out on the highway. Presenting new works in mixed media, and oils on canvas and panel, Here is a two-person take on sense of place, movement and choice. Artists present.


Beats and Bohos: 7200 Greenwood Ave N
Featuring art by Kayley Bebber. Colorful and whimsical paintings of animals in clothing, animals are people too! Artist present.


Bill’s On Greenwood: 8560 Greenwood Ave N
Featuring the works of Jeffrey Erken. Artist Statement: Although I have taken various classes in Art at the University of Washington and the Art Institute of Chicago, among other educational institutions, I am not a formally trained artist. I work in a studio from photographs because they are ubiquitous in our modern culture. Although all of my work is photography based, I avert absolute coherence with various abstract interventions. In this postmodern world shifts in meaning and layered imagery are commonplace in movies and television. Art is no exception.!! I have always resisted so-called contemporary art. Especially art that aims to shock or get attention for its own sake. Rather my aims are self transformation and discovery. In this sense I am open to influence in all its forms. It is my belief that photography was not the end of painting, and neither was Abstract Expressionism. Painting has continued among a group of artists who resist the trendy, and yet are not anachronistic. Although the audience for painting may ebb and flow, the medium will always be relevant. Artist present.


Chocolati Cafe: 8319 Greenwood Ave N
Collage by Linda White.

*Cornuto: 7404 Greenwood Ave N
Artwalk Special featuring a Margherita Pizza and 1 glass of our house red or white wine for $15. Normal pricing is as follows: $13 for a Margherita pizza, $6 for a glass of our house wine. $4 OFF.

Couth Buzzard Books: 8310 Greenwood Ave N

Echo Echo Gallery (Greenwood Collective)
8537 Greenwood Ave N, Suite 1
Come down, hang out and find something awesome. Featured artists include Alexandria Sandlin, Artifakt Ripley, Braden Duncan, Chani Murat and Xavier Lopez Jr. Artists present.

*Gainsbourg: 8550 Greenwood Ave N
Offering an artwalk special or discount.

Greenbean Coffee House: 8525 Greenwood Ave N
Featuring beautiful, colorful, stunning paintings by Scott Burnett. Artist present.

April_Greenwood Hardware

Greenwood Hardware: 7201 Greenwood Ave N
Artwork by Pat Gallagher featuring mixed media sculptural lamps.


In the Red Wine Bar: 6510 Phinney Ave N
Featuring work by Pauline Smith.
Artist Statement: Night Study
This series of 7 photographs were taken between 2002 and 2008 using a Holga and a Pentax K1000. Equipped with a tripod and setting the exposure from fifteen seconds to several minutes, I have experimented with trying to find the best environment to capture an image. Full moon, new moon, clear sky or mist, each brings something different.  I still love the surprise of working with film.

Since 2000, I have taken my cameras to Paris, Mont Saint-Michel, Giverny, Aix-en-Provence, Nice, Eze, Istanbul, Santorini, Lisbon, the Algarve, Seville, Barcelona, Milan, Venice, Tuscany, Rome, Hong Kong, Macau, Puerto Vallarta, Sayulita, San Miguel de Allende, Salt Spring Island-B.C., across the U.S. and here at home in the Pacific Northwest.

I use the Holga for its inherent dream-like quality.  When I create an image I look for angles/curves, asymmetry/symmetry, light/shadow and texture.  I look to capture an otherwise missed moment.  I look for stillness. Artist present.

Illumination Learning Studio: 7720 Greenwood Ave N, Ste 101
Surrealist collage composed exclusively of found paper fragments by Melanie Reed. Artist present.

Kouzina: 8403 Greenwood Ave N
Acrylic painting and fine art photography by Jon Moore and Alexis Henry. Artist Alexis Henry will be present.

April_Makeda Coffee

Makeda Coffee: 153 N 78th Street
Artwork by Sarah Jorgensen. A style inspired by the beauty in nature, mind and spirit are the landscapes in which she paint’s upon. Sarah’s art philosophy is that we are all mirrors of one another, and that through creating and sharing our stories we can inspire each other to live more fulfilling lives. Artist present.

*Martino’s: 7410 Greenwood Ave N
Artwalk Food & Beverage specials.

Naked City: 8564 Greenwood Ave N
Group show by Seattle Camp Collective featuring a variety of styles and mediums in a collective presentation from the artists at Seattle Camp. Dance Party to follow at 10pm. Artists present.

Oliver’s Twist: 6822 Greenwood Ave N
Whimsical mixed media artwork by Ariel Millihart. Artist present.

April_PNA Gallery

PNA Gallery: 6532 Greenwood Ave N
SET FREE!  Paintings by the Brig Studio Artists
Artist Names: Susan Brown, Heather Carr, Theresa Frazer, Barbara Harrell, Dianne Hofbeck, Kody Janney, Kathy Key, Siri Kroesen, Ellen Lam, Madeline Lovell, Anne Marie McNamara, Anne Miller-Strandoo, Joan Pitell, Susan Pope, Connie van Winkle, and Mary Wells.

The Brig Studio Artists have been painting together in the old Brig building at Magnuson Park for over 15 years.  Under the guidance of Sue Pope, veteran Northwest artist and teacher, they create works in a wide range of media and subject matter.  SET FREE!, their April show at the Phinney Center Gallery will showcase over 15 artists.  It’s a rare opportunity to see such a wide range of art. Artists present.

School of Rock: 106 N 85th Street
Featuring work by Tom Swanson. Tom will be showing his incredible folk art acrylic paintings, plus he and a few friends might be bringing their art cars to the shindig, so stop by and see some cool art, cool cars, enjoy an adult beverage, have a snack and listen to the “School of Rock” house band rock out and lay down some tracks. Artists present.


*Thaiku: 6705 Greenwood Ave N
Restaurant offering artwalk discount.


Urban Light Studios: 8537 Greenwood Ave N, Suite 1
Seattle Camp proudly presents:  “To Dance in a Meadow.. a Celebration of Life & Love”. The spring is just around the corner, and the summer comes soon after. The name of the festival is Esthetic Evolution and 2014 will be the tenth and final evolution. We lovingly call it, EE and we’re going to make it go out with a bang, SeaCamp style.

This artwalk of local Seattle artists is showcasing a celebration of love, dance & music . Join us to show us your love of celebrating! We are bringing you two venues full of art, music and most of all, fun! We have $1000’s in raffle prizes to give away and memories to make!  Artists present.

Warlock Labs: 101 N 85th St., #203
Drawings and paintings in the style of comics and illustration by Scott Faulkner, Dalton Webb, Marc Palm and Tom Dougherty. Artists present.


Windermere: 311 N 85th St.
Featuring artist, Marlin Greene: “There is an aspect of photographing birds that is mystical, that goes beyond getting the exposure and composition dialed in and just being in the right place. It is a part of a Greater Mystery. At first, the birds would not make themselves available to me. I had to put in many hours of having my patience tested before the birds accepted me as being serious about photographing them. It was almost like an initiation. After many frustrating attempts — taking a lot of photos of where a bird was — I started to notice that the birds were “allowing” me to see them. They started giving me time to focus and get closer for a decent image. The subject had made itself available. Sometimes a bird would appear right in front of me unexpectedly and pose nervously like, “well hurry up, I have things to do.”

*The Yard Café: 8313 Greenwood Ave N
Offering an artwalk special or discount.

*Art Walk Venues Offering Discounts & Specials.

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