“The Big One” 19th Annual Artwalk: May 9th & 10th

Our neighborhood celebrates 19 years of hosting an artwalk, which is one of the reasons why we call it “The Big One“. Historically our neighborhood artwalk was an annual 2-day event that occurred each year on the 2nd Friday & Saturday of May (Friday from 6-9pm & Saturday from 12-5pm). When our neighborhood added a monthly artwalk in December of 2008, we not only continued to make the May artwalk a special designated 2-day event, but we also dove-tailed 2nd Fridays as our monthly artwalk date.

The Big One” is big because of the history behind it, the fact that it spans 2-days, and it simply has the largest number of participants with 80 venues spanning from 87th & Greenwood Ave to 59th & Phinney Ave N.  We look forward to seeing you!

2014 art walk

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