Art Up PhinneyWood: Aug 14 from 6-9 pm

Participating venues:

Abram’s Chiropractic:  7815 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site



Artist: Sarah Ghanooni
Custom artwork and murals

My Colors of Seattle: In this collection of work I wanted to show the brighter, more vibrant side of Seattle. Inside the city of Seattle there is so much life and movement happening everywhere you look. Sometimes people don’t have the time to stop and stare and get a chance to appreciate the everyday life. With each piece of artwork I was inspired to create the colors of the city the way I see Seattle.

Ballard Healing Arts:  8314 8th Ave NW
Art Up Site


Artist: Terri Sandusky

Featuring Tibetan Gong Baths using Tibetan Singing Bowls filled with water then played on the body. It is remarkable & truly Art, Sound Healing & Musical Performance all in one! Come experience Sound Healing with a Tibetan Gong Bath firsthand to know how truly remarkable this is! Studies show Tibetan singing bowl soundwaves can bring the brainwaves to a deeply relaxed alpha state, release tensions & improve sleep quality. We will also have mini Reiki Sessions.

Artist will be present.

Bill’s on Greenwood:  8560 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site
Food and drink specials

Bluebird Microcreamery & Brewery: 7400 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site
Food and drink specials

Chocolati Café:  8319 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site

Cornuto: 7404 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site
Food and drink specials

Couth Buzzard:  8310 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site

Live Classical guitar 7:30 – 9:30 pm

Gainsbourg:  8550 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site
Food and drink specials

Green Bean Coffeehouse:  8533 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site

Greenwood Collective: 8537 Greenwood Ave N
A group of galleries and studios under one roof

Echo Echo Aug2015

Artists: NiNABRi© and the Echo Echo crew

NiNABRi© is an artist from Slovenia who creates the most colorful creatures far and wide!

The Echo Echo crew will be present

  • Black Box Studio

Artists: Laura Clorinda, thingsnthingz, & Sam Taylor

Variety of rotating work created by three artists sharing a studio

Artists will be present

Artists: Joseph Brooks, Andrew Miller, Narboo, Starheadboy, Tnglr

Street, mix media, acrylic, street art, graphic, illustration and Sculpture.

Artists will be present.

Artists: Curt Ashby, Robert Bellm, Joshua Boulet,

Street, mix media, acrylic, street art, graphic, illustration

P.D.C. is happy to announce the addition of three new artists to the Gallery, Mallory Milke, Joshua Boulet and Melissa Crosetto.

Mallory Milke: I’ve been painting ever since I was a kid, but never really thought of doing it as anything more than a hobby. As I filled u…p the walls of my home with my own art, I had so many of my friends and family asking for their own that I decided I might as well go for it and see where it takes me. Three years later, tons of empty paint tubes and I’m here, working for myself and loving every minute of it. I get to stay home with my son and create fun, colorful paintings that I love. I’m inspired by things I love, like mischievous creatures, Pretty Dark things and bright whimsy colors. I do a variety of styles but love bright colors and animals the most,adding a slight whimsical feeling to owls, Lions, Lemurs and any other creature that tickles my fancy. Visit my Shop to get some of my art

Joshua Boulet wants to Sketch the World. When he arrived in Seattle, he sketched it, but he never quite left. “There is a lot about the Pacific Northwest I love” He says with a smile. Joshua Boulet loves to draw. His work can be seen on his website. He has also had artwork published in the Seattle Weekly, The Stranger, NorthWest Leaf, New York Observer, San Francisco Weekly, Juxtapoz (online), Dark Horse comics, He has a regular comic THE GREEN REEFER (www.thereefercomic) in DOPE Magazine. Check him out

MRSHMR (Melissa Crosetto) is a Washington native living in Seattle. Being a self-taught artist, her abstract work is an exploration of finding peace and tranquility through the painting process. Her goal is to create paintings that speak to your soul. MRSHMR has been showing her work in the greater Seattle area for 5 years and has been a part of the live painting group at Sasquatch Music Festival the past two years.

Artists will be present.

Artists: Sami Saurus, Dusty Rockets, Jeanne Young, Krissy Downing, Eli Wolff, Ryan Henry Ward, Kalilah Shmeow, Tia Gibson, Dave Ryan Street, mix media, acrylic, street art, graphic and illustration.

Artists will be present


Seattle’s Twin Peaks themed art show is back for a third year with work from over 20 artists and the music of The Spider Ferns and Woodgraves. Don’t miss this one-night-only show dedicated to the beloved series.

Sponsored by STACKEDD Magazine and curated by Push/Pull.

First 20 people to show up in Twin Peaks costume will receive a door prize.

Art by: Gus Bulaoro, Mariel Andrade, Eli Wolff, Kelly Kellyportfolio Illustrations, The Art of Seth Goodkind, Corianna Garrels, Ted McIntyre, Michael Guidry, Ashley Rang, Dave Ryan, Aaron Morgan, Sami A Saurus, Jez Craig, Jessie Beans, Casey Bryan Doherty, Alexandria Sandlin, Suzy Todd, Krissy Downing, Carl Eric Porter, Lara Kaminoff, Shanna Marie Duncan, Laura Clorinda, Isaac Bidwell, Patrick Connelly and a special photograph series directed by Ma’Chell Duma LaVassar and photographed by Rachel White, Niffer Calderwood & Allyce Andrew

Cherry pies by Julia Whifflebotham.


PLUS: Comic Life celebrates original comic art by Seattle artists. The use of sequential images for storytelling is one of the oldest forms of art and yet our modern world often considers it to be a lesser art-form than other fine arts. Join us in recognizing this ancient and beautiful technique of bringing stories to life. Featuring the art of: Mark Allender, Seth Goodkind, Savannah Horrocks, Marty Gordon, Phill Tuma, Scott Faulkner, Dillon Lacey, Erick Lingbloom, Eli Wolff, Marc J Palm, Marie Hausauer, Katie Wheeler, Eli Tripoli, Noel Franklin, Allen Gladfelter, Scott Travis , Jason Bradley Thompson, Bunny Lee, Lara Kaminoff, Max Clotfelter, Kassandra Davis, Maranda Eve Cromwell, Maxx, Mike McGhee


3rd Annual Between Two Worlds, Twin Peaks Inspired Art Show (Group show)

This year’s show features the music of The Spider Ferns and Woodgraves.

This year’s event is sponsored by Push/Pull and STACKEDD Magazine. See artist list and description above in Push/Pull listing

Greenwood Hardware:  7201 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site

Artist: Allison Jones

“I’ve worked in the Advertising world from New York City to Portland Oregon. Background: Wardrobe & Prop Stylist, Set Dresser, Product Stills & Lay-downs. In Studio/On Location for Photography & Video. Based in The Northwest.”

Kouzina:  8403 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site
Food and drink specials

Artists: Alexis Henry and Patrick Gonzales
Fine photography and oil painting

Artists will be present

Munch Café:  8576 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site


Artist: Va’sil Va’sil will be presenting a collection of paintings that celebrate the importance of positivity, vibrance and the desire to transcend the monotony of daily life.

Artist will be present

Naked City:  8564 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site


Artist: Brooke Welsh
Figurative oil paintings on canvas

Artist will be present

Oliver’s Twist:  6822 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site

Phinney Center Gallery:  6532 Phinney Ave N
Art Up Site

Artists: Nalani Askov, Paul Dermanis, Kim Hood and Deborah Kirsner Journeys: the art of Nalani Askov, Paul Dermanis, Kim Hood, and Deborah Kirsner. These local artists take us on a journey around the world through their photographs and paintings. Meet the artists at the opening reception on Friday, August 14 from 7-9 pm.

Artists will be present

Ridge Pizza:  7217 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site
Food and drink specials

Seattle Electric Bike: 8310 8th Ave NW  NEW VENUE
Art Up Site


Artist: David McGranahan
Naturalist oil paintings of local sites

Store will be open for test rides on the electric bikes

Seattle Recreative:  8408 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site

Seattle ReCreative_aug

Artist: Emily Terhune Korson

Emily Terhune Korson’s drawings, encaustic paintings and sculptures explore themes of illness, intimacy and mortality. Frequently using transparent materials such as wax, Korson’s work explores the interplay between interior and exterior space in addition to the unseen spaces and processes of the human body. She has exhibited her work in San Francisco, Denver, Boston, Seattle and Portland, Oregon. Korson holds a BA in studio art from Reed College and an MFA in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute.

Stretch & Staple:  8005 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site


Artist: Morgan Keuler
Landscape and Urban Photography on Canvas

Artist will be present

Strokes Paint and Sip Studio: 8503 Greenwood  NEW VENUE
Art Up Site

strokes3_aug strokes2_aug

Artist: Elena Paudel
Acrylic Painting on 16 x 20 Canvas

Artist will be present

Thaiku:  6705 Phinney Ave N
Chow Down Site
Food and drink specials

The Yard:  8313 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site
Food and drink specials

Two Birds Tattoo: 7408 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site

twobirds2_aug twobirds1_aug

Artist: Jesse Link
Urban surrealistic animal paintings.

Windermere Greenwood: 311 N 85th St
Art Up Site


Artist: Karen Milnor

The Rosetta Stone series is my second series deconstructing the How-to-do-Anything Encyclopedias (circa 1961). These paper and cloth assemblages reference the making of something from nothing tradition of quilt-making. I saw the encyclopedias as a catalyst for a conversation about the loss of hand skills in contemporary life. The works form a practical blueprint for making and repairing objects – if only you could decode them

Artist will be present

Woodland Park Presbyterian Church: 225 N 70th St
Art Up Site

Open Mic Night



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