Art Up PhinneyWood Art Walk Jan. 8 from 6 – 9 pm

Participating venues:

Download a copy of this month’s map here:January Art Walk Map

Abram’s Chiropractic:  7815 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site


Featured Artist: B. Perreault

Blending and layering with acrylic paint is a theme throughout B. Perreault’s work. She captures intentional movement with energizing brush strokes. Inspiration is drawn from the intermingling vibrant colors of a Pacific Northwest sunset. Her ability to pull from sky to canvas offers a whimsical abstract journey.

Artist will be present

Bill’s on Greenwood:  8560 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site

Featured Artist: Colleen Stevens
Water color and acrylics

Artist will be present

Bluebird Microcreamery & Brewery:  7400 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site

Chocolati Café:  8319 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site

Cornuto:  7404 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site

Couth Buzzard:  8310 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site

Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery: 8570 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site

Frock Boutique: 6500 Phinney Ave N
Art Up Site


Featured Artist: Chelsea Desforges / The Pastel Pug
Wood Burned Hand Painted Art

Chelsea Desforges is a pyrography artist who specializes in fun, whimsical themes. Described in traditional terms, pyrography is the art of drawing with fire. Chelsea uses hot metal tips to engrave and shade her artwork, giving each piece depth and dimension. She then layers acrylic and watercolor paint to create a beautiful juxtaposition between the natural wood and vibrant strokes of paint.

As the owner of The Pastel Pug, Chelsea enjoys rethinking everyday objects and animals, often combining the two for maximum cuteness. All her pieces are created from home in Tacoma where she lives with her boyfriend, three cats, and a pug.

Artist will be present

Art Walk night special: 10% off storewide

Gainsbourg:  8550 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site

Green Bean Coffeehouse:  8525 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site

Greenwood Collective: 8537 Greenwood Ave N
A group of galleries and studios under one roof

Urban Light Studios Flyer 1.8 (1)

Featured Artist: Katie Kurkjy:

Combining her interest in design and love of music, Katie Kurkjy creates one-of-a-kind sculptural assemblages using discarded instruments.

“Taking an instrument that has been broken, discarded, or smashed, and transforming it is the driving force behind what I do. This challenges the brain’s perception of the object while at the same time breathing new life into something that has been cast aside.”

Wonder & Kelsey Sprague


Seattle-icon Ryan Henry Ward shares an intimate perspective on his time spent living abroad. Showing never-before-seen photographs, his works in the new medium stand powerfully on their own while revealing glimpses into some of the most formative years of Henry’s life.

Artists will be present

HomeStreet Bank: 7201 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site



Featured Artist: Jeffery K. Petterson

My style has been described as “abstract-realism”, with a focus is on creating vivid, independent shapes and melding them into a dynamic composition while still preserving a recognizable subject.

Artist will be present.

Kouzina:  8403 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site

Lucky Dog Clothing: 8201 Greenwood Ave N – NEW VENUE
Art Up Site


Featured Artist: Rick Williams

Rick Williams is a seventh generation Nitinaht carver of the Nuu-chah-nulth First Nations. He is not just a woodcarver, but a community leader. In 2010, Rick’s brother, John T Williams was shot 4 times  and killed by a Seattle Police officer. 50 year old John Williams was also a master woodcarver. John was crossing the street, committing no crime, and was shot in the back only 4.7 seconds after the officer left his car. John’s murder ignited outrage in the community against the Seattle Police department, especially when no charges were brought against the officer. Rick responded to the heinous act by leading the community in honoring John by hand carving and raising a 34 foot memorial totem in Seattle Center. The totem stands to honor John’s art, his legacy and to symbolize the community’s response. Rick continues to carve and preach calm, peach, and love. His positivity and wisdom make him a pleasure to be around. Each peice of his art is amazingly detailed and masterfully hand carved.
Featured Artist: Julia Hohlbein
Julia’s portraits use vivid photorealism and capture her subject with perfection. She will be offering original peices, as well as custom peices done per customer request. Julia’s ancestor, Hans Holbein the younger, was a renaissance master and did custom portraits for the likes of King Henry VIII !
Hans Holbein
Julia’s Website

Munch Café:  8576 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site

Naked City:  8564 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site

Featured Artist: Janet Capps

Nature Photography

Artist will be present

Nutty Squirrel: 7212 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site

Nutty S_jan

Featured Artist: Delaney Hawley

Delaney Hawley is a Tumwater, Washington based photographer and has been specializing in portraiture for two years. Delaney spends her time trying to find beauty in what may seem ordinary. She is currently working towards her degree at community college, and wishes to pursue a career in fashion photography.

Oliver’s Twist:  6822 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site

Phinney Center Gallery:  6532 Phinney Ave N
Art Up Dite


Featured Artists: Larry Heyert and Angie Hinh

Travel the world through the photography of Larry Heyert and Angie Hinh at the Phinney Center Gallery. For Heyert, the best part of being a photographer is having the opportunity to explore beautiful places and to interact with people living in the area to learn about the local environment and culture. For Angie Hinh, traveling is one of her greatest pleasures in life. In her photographs, she works to capture this beauty – of the vibrancy of everyday life, the wonderful drama of nature, and the ancient structures steeped in historical significance.

Artists will be present

Ridge Pizza:  7217 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site

Seattle Recreative:  8408 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site

sea recreative_jan

Featured Artist: Michael Berry

Michael Berry’s medium of choice is recycled paper. To create these masks, he up-cycled a common household item that tends to be thrown in the trash without a second thought: toilet paper rolls. He uses a method called “wet folding,” and loves how this process produces soft, almost organic lines and texture, creating deep grooves and valleys of expression, greatly enhanced by paint and application techniques. He tends to sculpt elderly faces that depict pain, agony, suffering, or disgruntlement, which leads one to wonder if there is a connection between the medium/subject matter and the human condition.

Artist will be present

Stretch & Staple:  8005 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site


Featured Artist: Amber Leaders
Digital Illustration

I am a digital artist with fourteen years of experience and a background in animation . It has been a thrill for me hear the response, that my art makes people smile. Upon hearing this, creating happy pieces has been the anthem of my artwork.

Artist will be present

Thaiku:  6705 Phinney Ave N
Chow Down Site

The Yard:  8313 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site

Two Birds Tattoo:  7408 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site


Featured Artist: Suzy Todd
Original oil paintings

All proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood

Warlock Labs:  101 N 85th St #203
Art Up Site


It’s back! Everyone’s favorite show about conspiracy and high weirdness is returning to the airwaves, and so what better time to throw down our own interpretations and commemorations? Come join us at Warlock Labs from 6-9 pm on Friday, January 8th during the Greenwood Art Walk

Woodland Park Presbyterian Church:  225 N 70th St
Art Up Site

Open Mic Night

Featured Artist: David Bailey

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