Art Up PhinneyWood Art Walk August 11 from 6 – 9 pm

This month’s participating venues:

Download a copy of the map: August Art Walk Map

A-1 Piano:  7020 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site

Featured Artist: D. Lisa West

Live music from Alison Banchero

Delicious food from Fresh Flours

Abram’s Chiropractic:  7815 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site

Featured Artist: Tracy Wallschlaeger

Tracy Wallschlaeger is a Seattle artist and illustrator who works in oil and mixed media.  Her lifelong interest in nature and animals is often apparent in her work.  Warm colors and images inspired by the small Eastern Washington town where she grew up often merge with the cooler palette of her current world.   Each image is an invitation to visit a place where opposites not only attract, but thrive.  Animals co-exist with humans, albeit in unusual ways, and share each other’s story.   Her work has been described as warm and inviting, but with an underlying mystery.

Artist will be present.

Bluebird Microcreamery & Brewery:  7400 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site

Champion Wine Cellars: 8503 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site

Free wine tasting with Mari Womack of Damsel Cellars from 6 -8 pm

Chocolati Café:  8319 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site

Featured Artist:  Trevor Welsh

And from 6-8pm we will be hosting musician Whiff Trophy

Couth Buzzard:  8310 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site

Cunning Crow: 9024 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site

Featured Artist:  Sarah Breakfield, Twig&Snip:

Nature is all around us. We are never outside of it even though we may feel far removed from its touch. Having a background in Wildcrafting, Botanical Medicine, Fashion Design, Fiber Arts, Permaculture and Shamanic Studies has helped me understand my place in the natural world. It is through these skills that I’ve deepened my love and fascination with the green veil and striven to incorporate it into my life, my art, and my spiritual expression. Through my creations I hope to help others connect with the strong and vibrant medicine of the Earth and the nature spirits that surround us. My work includes decorative ritual tools, talismans, and empowered objects for use on altars, around the home and in sacred spaces and ceremonies. All are created in partnership with the spirits of the land.

El Chupacabra: 6711 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site

Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery: 8570 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site


Featured Artist: Alejandra Juliette Olivos.

My name is Alejandra Juliette Olivos, the eldest of 3, with roots extending from the PNW to Mexico. I’m an artist, daughter, dreamer, creature, thinker and siSTAR. I value love, justice, people, art, and healing. I recognize as a person that holds multiple identities (womxn, fluid, college educated, first generation, Xicana) that with the knowledge I have learned and continue to seek, that my entire being is political. I am in a constant journey of unlearning, uncovering, reflecting, thinking and growing as my consciousness continues to reroot. In my art I acknowledge the beauty that the earth has allowed us to experience, and remember that we all depend on one another to survive. Through bright colors and bold lines I ask the person that is entering my world(s) to keep in mind that they will experience the pieces differently, through my stream of consciousness for each art piece I recognize that each one of us has different lived experiences and comes from different places. I am in the process of undoing how trauma through colonialism and my lived experiences have impacted my mind, body and soul. I choose to create art because it is an extension of my being, and survival.

Come join us for a lovely evening of art and fresh craft beer

Green Bean Coffeehouse:  8525 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site

Greenwood Collective: 8537 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site

A group of galleries and studios under one roof

  • Kaleidoscope Gallery

Featured Artists: Laura Clorinda, Cloud Nectar, Jacob Zarnecki and Vanessa Donato
Collage, photography, drawings, oil & acrylic paintings

Artists will be present



Artists will be present


Artists will be present

Featured Artists: Robert Bellm, Mallory Milke, Travis Meloche, Megan Noel Smith , Barbie Stattman, Corinne Garrels
Street, mix media, acrylic, street art, graphic, illustration

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures. ~Henry Ward Beecher

Artists will be present

  • BLAM!

Featured Artists: Joseph Brooks, .NarbooStarheadboyAndrew Miller and Tinglr

Artists will be present


Featured Artists: Mena Aklilu, Adam Frank, Melissa Jenkins, Alex Hill, Ariel Parrow
Figures in pen & ink, acrylic painting, jewelry and 3D

Artists will be present

Greenwood Space Travel: 8414 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site


Featured Artist: Derek Erdman

Derek Erdman loves Triscuits, Haribo Bears, hiring couples to impersonate him at his gallery shows, psychic hotlines, the Misfits, and playing loud animal noises out the windows of his apartment to see how people react. He once sold dozens of signs from condos and donated all the proceeds to a women’s shelter called Mary’s Place. Most of all, Erdman loves to paint–he is probably painting you right now. Also, he is soon leaving town, and this will be one of his last shows as a resident of Seattle–crack open a box of Triscuits and get over here.

Hounds Tooth Public House: 8551 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site

Featured Artists: Rob Biren and Hobo

Ken’s Market: 7231 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site


Featured Artist: Briana Berrington

Ken’s own Briana Berrington is a photographer who specializes in nature photography, featuring vivid landscapes and serene waterscapes. By capturing the bright colors, expansive views, and intricate detail of nature, she hopes to bring joy and peace to others through the beauty of this incredible place we call home! Come share her passion for photography and the Pacific Northwest.

Artist will be present.

Luna Azul: 8552 ½ Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site

Makeda & Mingus: 153 N 78th St
Art Up and Chow Down Site

Featured Artist: Dane Junes

Naked City:  8564 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site


Featured Artist: Autumn Tranquillo

Nutty Squirrel: 7212 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site

Olive and Grape: 8516 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site

Opus Co  Restaurant: 7410 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site

Phinney Center Gallery:  6532 Phinney Ave N
Art Up Site


Collaborative art presented by The Art of Alzheimer’s, in association with Seniors Creating Art

The prevailing narrative around the issue of Alzheimer’s and dementia tends to be one of fear and loss—people with dementia thought of as empty shells where someone used to be.

These 16 murals of artwork by nearly 200 people living with dementia and memory loss tell a different story—one of hope, connection, purpose and courage. One look and you immediately realize—they are definitely Still Here, living with dignity, creativity and joy.

Razzi’s Pizzeria: 8523 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site

Seattle Recreative:  8408 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site

Stretch & Staple:  8005 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site

Featured Artists: Sabita Kasa and Leia Smith.


Teasome: 6412 Phinney Ave N
Chow Down Site

Thaiku: 6705 Phinney Ave N
Chow Down Site

The Yard:  8313 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site

Two Birds Tattoo:  7408 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site


Featured Artist:  Molly Brooks

Molly Brooks’ art is a digital neon dipped exploration into another world. Toying with concepts of surrealism, fantasy, science fiction, virtual reality, and horror, she uses photo manipulation and digital collage as materials to create pieces that feel distinctly “elsewhere”.

Verity Credit Union: 8533 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site

Verity Summer Fun from 6pm – 8pm

Live music with Tobias the Owl

Delicious food from Mr. Gyros food truck.

Bring your family and friends!

Windermere Greenwood:  311 N 85th St
Art Up Site


Featured Artist: Meggi MacKenzie, Plein Aire Artist

I recently returned to Seattle from Santa Barbara, CA as I was born & raised here and 3 of my 4 daughters & 5 grandchildren live here. My art experience began in my early formative years:  I would lay on the living room floor in front of the picture window of my neighbor, coloring in my Betty Grable crayon book. I moved to Santa Barbara in 1985 and took advantage of free art lessons by accomplished local artists. I joined a pleine aire art group,   S-C-A-P-E, Southern California Artists Painting for the Environment. I was Paint-Out Chair, organizing monthly paint outs in the local areas of Santa Barbara County 11 months of the year. Then I was invited to join the Board of Directors and voted President for 4 terms of 2 years. I continued on the Board until a few years ago. I am now interested in painting with local artists in the environment

Wingdome: 7818 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site

Yu Tang Ceramics: 519 N 85th St
Art Up Site

yu tang

Featured Artist:  Curtis Yu
Functional and decorative ceramic wares.


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