Art Up PhinneyWood Art Walk Oct 13 from 6 -9 pm

Participating venues:

Download a copy of the map here: october art walk map

A-1 Piano:  7020 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site

Featured Artists: Anita West, Rachel Morton and fine art photography from Dan Shepherd.

Live Music: Lesleigh Walters performing classical music

As usual, food from Fresh Flours

Abram’s Chiropractic:  7815 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site


Featured Artist: Amanda Drewniak

Amanda Drewniak is a local seattle artist ( and filmmaker ( Most of the materials she uses are upcycled art supplies. She like to experiment with all different types of mediums mostly focusing on nature.

Artist will be present.

Bluebird Microcreamery & Brewery:  7400 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site

Champion Wine Cellars: 8503 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site

Complimentary Wine Tasting

Chocolati Café:  8319 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site

Featured Artists:  Stanford Lee Wilson and Hildur Blom,

Wwe will also be hosting musician Micah Fletcher and their band from 6-8 pm.

Couth Buzzard:  8310 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site

El Chupacabra: 6711 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site

Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery: 8570 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site


Featured Artist: our very own Josiah Green

As a Seattle transplant from Denver Colorado, I work as a bartender while enjoying the PNW outdoors in my spare time, primarily by bicycle.  I’ve had an interest in art and caricature drawings from a very young age and used to spend hours designing my own cartoon stories and illustrations. Just recently, I’ve enjoyed putting together collections of animal characters influenced by the characters I’ve encountered in stories like Alice in Wonderland or simply the ones who come to drink a beer at the Flying Bike Brewery.

Green Bean Coffeehouse:  8525 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site

Greenwood Collective: 8537 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site

A group of galleries and studios under one roof

  • Kaleidoscope Gallery

Featured Artists: Laura Clorinda, Cloud Nectar Jacob Zamecki & Vanessa Donato
Collage, photography, drawings, oil & acrylic paintings

Artist will be present


Artists will be present


Artists will be present

Featured Artists: Robert Bellm, Mallory Milke, Travis Meloche, Barbie Stattman, Corrinne Garrels, Megan Noel Smith ,

Street, mix media, acrylic, street art, graphic, illustration

Artists will be present

  • BLAM!

Featured Artists: Joseph Brooks, .NarbooStarheadboyAndrew Miller and Tinglr

Artists will be present


Featured Artists: Mena Aklilu, Adam Frank, Melissa Jenkins, Alex Hill, Ariel Parrow

Figures in pen & ink, acrylic painting, jewelry and 3D

Artists will be present


Celebrating the Science Fiction, Horror & Fantasy genres with art !! 
Full upstairs & downstairs galleries, both filled with a massive themed art exhibition !!

Featured Artists: Derek Ross, Scott Filipiak, Ashley Joncas, Craig & Casey Brookbush (& more) all displaying their own works, as well as a new set of collaborative large scale illuminated animated dimensional ‘ROSSBUSH’ pieces from Derek & Casey.

And…. A very special live performance from YAR !!
Around 8pm, art music to get your jam on..
Drums, Bass & Baritone Sax – YAR’s debut record ’42’ official release, by Sandy Dickerson, Chris Poage & Casey Brookbush
With…. DJ Dano Piano & Jake Carden & the art of sound – atmospheric Science Fiction theater space sounds guitars & vinyl & laser beams throughout the evening

Greenwood Space Travel: 8414 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site

Featured Artist: Doug Newman is a photographer and among the creators of Free Witch Quarterly. At 8 pm. he’s going to show a 30-minute slide show of 600 of his photos set to music you will almost certainly like. The show is a work in progress, including some photos up to 15 years old and some taken as recently as two weeks ago. He calls the version he’ll show at GSTS “And These are the Days of Our Lives.”

I always take pictures in the present moment, informal portraits of the people that are a part of my life and the things I am inspired to remember. As I look over my work from the last 10, 13, 15 years I can see all the moments in the present creating this sacred document of the past. I didn’t know that Capitol Hill was gonna get torn apart, that the Cha Cha would move across town, or that The Jade Pagoda would become The Bait Shop, that my boyfriend would grow up in my photographs, that I would grow older, that my friends would move away and some pass on never to return, that bands would start, break up and new bands would start, and that couples would do the same. That my dear friend Vanessa would lose most of her belongings to a house fire and I would hold her memories in my photographs for her because her tangible ones are now gone. I didn’t know that all these 10,000 clicks in the present moment we’re creating this portrait of a community for the future that is now becoming the past. I didn’t know that I would come from Cochranton, Pennsylvania to Seattle to make this, but I did and it’s exactly what I didn’t know that I wanted to do. Love, Doug

Grinning Yogi: 8554 ½ Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site

grinning yogi

Featured Artist: Nico Lund

Using Oil Painting, Printmaking and Mixed Media techniques, Nico Lund creates expressive composition based on emotional perception, conversations and current events that are funneled through a lens of color, texture and movement.

Check out our yoga studio and see some art from 7-9pm

HomeStreet Bank: 7307 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site

Featured Artist: Sam Trevino

Hounds Tooth Public House: 8551 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site

Featured Artists: Rob Biren and Hobo

Luna Azul: 8552 ½ Greenwood Ave N

Chow Down Site

Featured Artist: Max Singler

Max Singler is a local artist born in Seattle Washington and now residing in Greenwood. He has had work featured at Gary Manuel, Addison Gallery, OK Hotel, Harrington Studios, Rebar, and Dozer’s Warehouse. Max began to draw at a very early age, and with attending Western Washington University for his Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art, his commissioned work has taken many forms including Animations, Comics, Portraits and Murals. Now working primarily with Spray Paint, he enjoys producing Realist and Graphic imagery.

Artist will be present

Makeda & Mingus: 153 N 78th St
Chow Down Site

Naked City Taphouse:  8564 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site

naked city

Featured Artist:  Sky Gerspacher

A surreal genius of an artist who paints intricate scenes of pumpkin people scarecrow people living everyday life.

Nutty Squirrel: 7212 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site

Olive and Grape: 8516 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site

Opus Co: 7410 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site

Phinney Center Gallery:  6532 Phinney Ave N
Art Up Site

PNA Member and Volunteer Show – Closing Night

A collection of local art by members, volunteers and staff of the Phinney Neighborhood Association. People’s Choice Award will be selected by popular vote during the show.

Razzi’s Pizzeria: 8523 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site

Salon Mercury:  7513 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site

Featured Artist: Mackenzie Anthony
Visual/ photography

Seattle Recreative:  8408 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site


Featured Artist: Joyce Romsos

I am a fiber/quilt artist who loves working with leftover fabric scraps to make small art quilts, prayer flags and other usable items.  My inspiration often comes from digging for treasures in recycled materials and found objects.  I love working with exuberant colors and texture sometimes seen in the gardens I work in.

Artist will be present

Stretch & Staple:  8005 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site

Washington Wild Photo Exhibition and Auction

Join us for a Washington Wild and Snapshot Collective collaborative art exhibition and auction. We will be raising funds to defend, protect, and restore wild lands and waters in Washington.

We will have a live auction for a few select pieces with 100% of the proceeds going to Washington Wild! Other pieces for sale will have a portion of their proceeds donated to Washington Wild.

Participating Artists include: Brent Couvrette, Ross Eckert, Susan Golub, Andy Porter, Kelly Selzler, Daniel Rice, Vishal Goklani, and Taylor McAtee

Teasome: 6412 Phinney Ave N
Chow Down Site

Thaiku: 6705 Phinney Ave N
Chow Down Site

The Yard:  8313 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site

Two Birds Tattoo:  7408 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site


Featured Artist: Jessica Levey

I start all of my illustrations on paper, color them digitally, and then add more ink to the prints. These pieces are from a series I started earlier this year, and include references to meditation and letting go of history, old mythologies, and the false stories we tell about ourselves.

Artist will be present

Warlock Labs:  101 N 85th St #203
Art Up Site

Featured Artists: Scott Faulkner and Jason Zayas

Halloween comes early on Friday the 13th! Come see the walls of Warlock Labs at their spookiest!

Wingdome: 7818 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site

Yu Tang Ceramics: 519 N 85th St
Art Up Site


Featured Artist: Curtis Yu

Functional and decorative ceramic ware. All handmade, wheel thrown works by Curtis Yu.

Artist will be present

There will be drinks and snacks as well as live reggae music performed by Adrian Xiavier and his band. This is the official unveiling party for the mural that has just been completed on the building!

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