Art Up/Chow Down Art Walk – The BIG One – Sept 10 and 11

The 25th BIG Art Walk — cancelled in 2020 and postponed this year – will look a little different this year — smaller for sure and may require masks – but is scheduled to take place Friday, Sept. 10, from 5 – 9 pm and Saturday, Sept. 11, from noon to 5 pm. (Note that some venues are open different hours. Details below.)

In the past, The BIG One has featured a wide variety of art in 70-80 businesses in the Phinney-Greenwood neighborhood. Over the years, this hugely popular event has turned into a neighborhood party, particularly on Friday night. This year’s event will look a little different, however, as some businesses are not yet comfortable hosting the event so the number of venues is lower and all art walk venues are being urged to plan their participation in a way that is comfortable for them. Be prepared for masks and limits on indoor participants. (UPDATE: In compliance with Gov. Inslee’s mandate, masks will be required indoors.) In addition, the event begins at 5 pm Friday, rather than 6, to avoid overcrowding. (Note that some venues are open limited hours during the event. Those hours are noted below and on the map.)

In the spirit of the art walk theme of “Art Up, Chow Down,” restaurants and pubs are encouraged to participate as well by offering menu specials. Venues are designated as art or chow (or both).

Listed below are details from each venue as well as a downloadable PDF map.

Participating venues:

Abram’s Chiropractic:  7815 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site

Participating Friday only

Aide-memoire: 7003 3rd Ave NW
Art Up Site

Featured Artist: Amanda Jorgenson

We will be showing her blind contour bird paintings like this one

Babyface Spa: 7102 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site

Lori Devine, Lolide, handmade jewelry

Lori will host a siidewalk Sale Saturday 1 – 4 pm

Featured Artists: Pam Hammerling

Babyface Spa Art Walk Special: 15% off all products

Baraka Gems: 8218 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site

Featured Artist: Taylor A Crockett

Taylor A Crockett is a professional illustrator and jewelry designer. After graduating from Roger Williams University in Rhode Island with a BA in Fine Art, she moved to Bainbridge Island in 2013 to create art with friends. While there she began her first apprenticeship as a bench jeweler and designer. She now works full time for Baraka Gems as the lead Client Rep, Designer and Illustrator.

ALSO – Music Friday night by Robert Deeble

Beats and Bohos: 7200 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site

Featured Artist: Debi Boyette
Mixed media

Seattle artist Debi Boyette creates subtly – clever and dreamy abstract paintings, mixed media pieces, installations and photographs from her own peculiar and intriguing aesthetic  influenced by her everyday surroundings, imagination and life. As a young child struggling to cope with family trauma, Debi taught herself to create a safe haven of imaginative freedom  and self-expression through her art. This became the place she could always return to – to, process whatever was trying to beat her down – and, turn raw emotion into physical art; maybe, exorcise a demon or two. As an adult artist she knew those same ‘life-coping skills through art’, that had helped her get through so much, were shareable, and today she continues volunteering to teach art to kids (and, adults!) so they might make their own self-discovery. 

Debi has an exceptional talent for curating exquisite vintage items (objets) and offered experiences, and loves sharing her work with the community through the spaces she creates. Founder and curator of Le Merde (a wonderland shop of eye candy, now, online) co-curator and co-art director of Scribble Studios and founder/co-director/curator of Crawlspace Gallery.  Debi is also a Mother, an art Docent, an Activist, a Survivor of Gun-Violence and a Small-Business Owner. She believes everyone deserves to find the place where they can flourish and be happy.

Discover Debi’s work online: Instagram: @i_am_so_exhaustedInstagram: debi_boyette_artpageInstagram: @lemerde_seattle

ALSO featuring local vintage clothing vendors popup sale just outside the shop on Saturday

Dabble: 306 N 83rd St
Art Up Site

Participating Friday only

Featured Artists: Jaymes Junio and Hope Angel

The Fixture Gallery: 8221 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site

Featured Artist: John Holm

Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery: 8570 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site
Participating Friday and 1-5 Saturday

Featured Artist: Crystal Fosnaugh

Crystal Fosnaugh has made contributions to the visual and performing arts in the PNW for over 20 years. Crystal produces art in a variety of mediums from visual to performance art, and  exhibits artwork locally, as well as the broader West Coast area. As an educator she emphasizes arts integration in academics, and has presented her work on arts integration at the Seattle Art Museum.

In addition to being an educator and artist, she is cofounder of a curatorial project focused on fusing art and intellect, and is an arts community advocate supporting the arts. Her work explores systems, revealing parallels and opposition, feelings and hints of dreams.

Gainsbourg: 8550 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site

Greenwood Art Collective: 8537 Greenwood Ave N
A group of galleries and studios under one roof

Enter in the rear of the building, at the alley

Half Moon Bouldering: 124 N 85th St (Behind Snapdoodle Toys, entrance on Morrow Lane)
Art Up Site

Featured Artist: Matthew Cory

ART WALK SPECIAL – 2 guests climb for $20 on Friday and Saturday, 9/10 & 9/11

Integral Operations Services / Rep. Noel Frame: 6120 Phinney Avenue N
Art Up Site


Featured artist: Erika Bell

Ken’s Market: 7231 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site

Featured Artist: Kevin Hense

La Conasupo Taqueria: 8532 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site

Luna Azul: 8552 ½ Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site

Makeda and Mingus: 153 N 78th St
Art Up and Chow Down Site

Nightshade Botanicals: 400 N 63rd St
Art Up Site

Nutty Squirrel Gelato: 7212 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site

Featured Artist: Sean Hoyt

Olive and Grape: 8516 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down Site
Participating Friday Only

Featured Artist: Nicole Monahan

Nicole Monahan, a freelance Illustrator, uses both traditional and digital mediums to create illustrations for clients around the world and for her greeting card line. The style is whimsical, heartwarming, soft and flowing, telling a story beyond words. Her focus is primarily with garden, food, animals, and how we can work together with nature’s web of life. When she is not illustrating, she loves to inspire students to create art in her studio, various venues and even on global art retreats.

The Phinery: 6500 Phinney Ave N
Art Up Site

Featured Artists:

Ericka Wolf

As an artist, I’m inspired by color field painters like Mark Rothko, Jules Okitski, Leon Berkowitz, and Helen Frankenthaler as well as photographers like Eric Cahan, Hiroshi Sugimoto, and Debra Bloomfield. Combined with my study of color in the landscape of the natural world, I try to capture an expression that’s transient and intentionally uncomplicated. Something reductive but reflective, using color as luminous expression rather than illustration.

Misha Zadeh

Misha Zadeh draws and paints from a sunny studio in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. She is infinitely inspired by the flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest, as well as those from her travels and her imagination. She has rarely met a color she doesn’t like.

Sarah Ames

When viewing my work it is easy to see that I enjoy playing with and sharing the vibrancy of color. My subjects mostly swing to life from my imagination and are often mystical or up to some magical mischief. I find joy in the process as the painting reveals itself, and in the comments I receive such as, “Magical”, “Oh, the colors!”,or, the best one yet, “What is the story behind this one?”

Phinney Books:  7405 Greenwood Ave. N
Art Up Site

Featured Artist: Robb Hamilton

Robb Hamilton is a local illustrator who lives on Phinney Ridge. He does pen and ink drawings and silk screen prints of old Seattle signs and landmarks.

Phinney Center Gallery:  6532 Phinney Ave N
Art Up Site

The Awareness Show 2021

Featuring 20 artists from the Emerald City Art Club

Vincent Van Gogh paint-off at 7 pm
Show will run through September

Prost: 7311 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up and Chow Down Site

Featured Artist: Heleln Mallary
Watercolor illustrator

RidgeWood Bottle and Tap: 316 N 67th St
Chow Down Site

Featured Artist: Jen McLuen

I grew up in the Salish Sea region, and continue to be inspired by the beautiful place we call home. I make block prints, as well as monotype prints, primarily of animals of this region. I hand-carve all of my prints, and print each one by hand with a small press at home. I make limited edition prints, as well as cards.  100% of profits are donated to Save our Wild Salmon, working to save the Salmon and the Orcas.

Roots and Wings Foundation: 7107 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site

Featured Artist: Alisha Dall’Osto

Alisha Dall’Osto has been painting and drawing for over two decades. She explores human and natural forms with an expressive realist style, celebrating light, gesture, color and mood.

Seattle Recreative:  8408 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site

Sip and Ship: 7511 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site

Snapshot Brewing: 8005 Greenwood Ave N
Chow Down and Art Up Site
Participating Friday only

Taproot Theatre: 208 N 85th St
Art Up and Chow Down Site
Participating Friday only

Featured Artist: Sam Vance, painter

Live music: Zoser, Singer/Songwriter performing acoustic sets from 6-8 pm

Also : a food pop up featuring Mexican/Salvadorian treats baked by Mayra Sibrian of Selva Central Goods

Umpqua Bank: 7120 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site
Participating Friday from 12 – 5 pm only

Featured Artist: Yu Tang Ceramics

Yu Tang Ceramics Studio & Gallery is a Chinese American owner-operated ceramic studio and gallery space located in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. The studio offers group and private classes, and seasonal workshops. This is a safe space for all to mindfully explore clay, personal expression, and identity. There is a focus on building community and relationships with partnering organizations, students, teachers, studio members, resident artists, and featured artists in the gallery.

Yu Tang Ceramics was established in March, 2015. The character “Tang” is an ancient Chinese word meaning “style of” in reference to ceramics of the Tang dynasty. The name Yu Tang translates to “The Yu style” ceramic ware. 

I am fascinated with the endless expressive possibilities of clay. I love to immerse myself in the sensory journey taken in ceramics – from the earth as clay, to being molded with human hands, to being set permanently in fire. I find throwing on the wheel a moving meditation where I can become empty of life’s distractions. I use ceramics to express my identity as a Chinese American. My work incorporates influences from Chinese art, mythology, language, and culture from brush calligraphy to carved motifs.

Verity Credit Union: 8533 Greenwood Ave N
Art Up Site
Participating 6-9 pm Friday only

The Hemlock/Washington Holdings: 87th and Greenwood
Art Up Site

While the old Safeway site is being developed, 20+ murals have been painted on the fencing around it.

Titled More Than a Name Fest, artists include:

•They Drift
• Fone
•Angelina Villalobos
•Joseph Brooks
•Art Rat Alex
•Charms won
•Dozer Art
•Josie Rice
•Glynn Rosenberg
•Creature Panic

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