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Art Up Chow Down Art Walk — Getting Involved

The PhinneyWood neighborhood has hosted an art walk since 1995. Originally a once-a-year annual event, the art walk is now a monthly event featuring The BIG One, the second Friday and Saturday in May, and 11 smaller ones the second Friday of each month — including a new annual December event — Phinneywood Phestivus.

The BIG One – the neighborhood’s original art walk – usually includes 75 – 80 venues, including a number of retail spaces that don’t normally show art, and 150+ artists. Because of its long history, it attracts hundreds of art walkers. The BIG One has a separate poster, maps, and advertising. Friday night, in particular, is a festive occasion and becomes a “neighborhood party.” Businesses are encouraged to include light refreshments or entertainment to add to the party.

The BIG One kicks off the monthly Art Up Chow Down PhinneyWood art walk season – The BIG One and 11 smaller monthly art walks that usually include 30-35 art and food venues. Venues may choose which months to participate and are included on the website and on the maps any month they do participate. Food venues are encouraged to offer art walk specials which can be included on the website as well.

Neighborhood businesses are welcome to participate in as many of the art walks as fit their schedule. Two sign up options are available:

  • The BIG One AND Phinneywood Phestivus in December for an annual fee of $40 (2020 Deadline: April 10)
  • The BIG One, Phestivus and as many of the little ones as you wish for an annual fee of $70 (art walk calendar runs May – April) OR $40 for the year if you sign up after The BIG One.

All sign up fees include an ongoing listing on the website, an event description on the website any months you participate, a listing on the map any month you participate and access to a Facebook “database” of potential artists if you need it. Sign up fees also help pay for printing posters and maps, and advertising.


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