Art Up PhinneyWood Nov. 13 from 6 – 9 pm

Download a copy of this month’s map here: November Art Walk Map

Participating venues:

A-1 Piano:  7020 Greenwood Ave N

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Featured Artist: Carrot Revolution Art Company

We are a group of artists in the Seattle area. We share beauty, art, and nature. Our group name comes from a famous quote by artist Paul Cezanne: “The day is coming, when a single carrot, freshly observed, will set off a revolution.” We are a company of artists who observe the world with fresh eyes.

ALSO, Ukestra will be playing LIVE!!

Bill’s on Greenwood:  8560 Greenwood Ave N

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Featured Artist: Charliegrrl

Charliegrrl has been a painter and traveling tattoo artist since 2000. Growing up in Colorado, she now resides in Seattle. She works with coffee, watercolor and ink to create a depth and romantic feeling to her ominous art style. She has shown in galleries across the United States, and internationally. She is also the creator of the annual art exhibit, Coffee Black.

Bluebird Microcreamery & Brewery:  7400 Greenwood Ave N

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Food and drink specials

Chocolati Café:  8319 Greenwood Ave N

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Cornuto:  7404 Greenwood Ave N

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Food and drink specials

Couth Buzzard:  8310 Greenwood Ave N

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Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery: 8570 Greenwood Ave N

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Featured Artist: Ryan Thrower

Nature photography canptured both locally and nationally from mountaintop and canyon crevasse.

Artist will be present

Frock Boutique : 6500 Phinney Ave N
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Featured Artist: Sarah Meranda


Sarah always knew she would play a role in the arts. After years of studying drawing, painting design, art history and printmaking she was still uncertain but knew that she was close to finding her true passion.  It was in a painting abroad program in Florence, Italy, that she discovered the fine craft of silver-smithing. The school in Italy where she met daily, Art Studio Fuji, was a school for jewelry and textile design. Many times she would forgo her painting assignments and sneak glances of the students in the jewelry and textile program knowing instantaneously that this would too be her path. The day after she returned from her trip she began researching jewelry programs in Seattle. She registered for a 3-day intensive workshop at Pratt Fine Arts, where her suspicions were confirmed; she was to be a metal artist.

There was something about the way metal and be manipulated. How something so hard could be so soft at the same time. There was a 3D quality in the work that was so appealing that she hadn’t experienced yet. It drew her back time and time again.

Fortunate to learn the rich history of Pacific Northwest jewelers, she is honored to have shared space and studied under people she has admired and holds in highest respect.   In the last 5 years she has taken classes at Pratt Fine Arts, Lotta Jansdotter’s Studio, Danaca Design and at North Seattle College receiving her jewelry/metalsmithing certificate and AFA. In the summer of 2015 she received a scholarship to Penland School of Craft to pursue enameling.

She has served as an active member of the Seattle Metals Guild and believes that the metals community is one of the most encouraging and progressive movements in the arts field. She hopes to take metalsmithing to new and exciting places using nature and everyday life to draw inspiration from.

Sarah has a studio in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle and hopes to teach someday. Discovering metal arts has helped her become the confident woman she is today and hopes to give it back to the community one day to help encourage young metalsmiths everywhere.

Artist will be present

Art Walk night specials: 10% off on everything and refreshments

Gainsbourg:  8550 Greenwood Ave N

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Green Bean Coffeehouse:  8533 Greenwood Ave N

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Greenwood Collective: 8537 Greenwood Ave N

A group of galleries and studios under one roof

  • Black Box Studio


Beautiful Trash: An Art Tribute to Low Budget Cinema

Our final opening in Greenwood. As of the 14th, Push/Pull Gallery will be taking up residence at our new location in Ballard. Come see the exhibit and say goodbye to our Greenwood Collective location. Celebration from 6 – 10 pm

Featured artists:
Phill Tuma
Tiffany Toland-Scott
Heath Cecere
Megan Noel
Eli Wolff
Seth Goodkind
Corianna Garrels
Kassandra Davis
Aaron Morgan
Maranda Cromwell
Neil Devlin
Scott Faulkner
Marty Gordon
Amy Chisman

  • The Space Is Ours/ art studio



Featured Artist: Charity Jones

Charity Jones presents two distinctive bodies of work in this solo exhibition. Her urbanscapes exploit the relationship between natural and artificial light in largely man-made environments, depicting the quiet moments of Seattle night scenes.

Her abstract pieces spin a surreal stream-of-consciousness with woven personal symbolism, snippets of written word or song, and deliberate patterns.

Charity’s juxtaposed works expose two sides of the artist’s visual language, digging deeper into the subconscious and human emotion.

Opening reception features two live performances by singer/songwriter Annie Francoeur and Seattle-based alternative/indie band Sleep Talk.

Live music from 7:00 – 9:00 P.M.

Greenwood Hardware:  7201 Greenwood Ave N

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Featured Artist: Joya Marie

HomeStreet Bank: 7307 Greenwood Ave N

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Featured Artist: Cecile Disenhouse


Artist will be present

Kouzina:  8403 Greenwood Ave N

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Food and drink specials

Munch Café:  8576 Greenwood Ave N

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Naked City:  8564 Greenwood Ave N

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Featured Artist: Nancy Barton

Surreal drawings and watercolor

Artist will be present

NEW VENUE: Nutty Squirrel Gelato: 7212 Greenwood Ave N

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Featured Artist: Conrad Chavez


Oliver’s Twist:  6822 Greenwood Ave N

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Phinney Center Gallery:  6532 Phinney Ave N

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Featured Artist: Stephen Gilbert

The work presented in this show represents the artist’s deep connection with Montana’s landscape; an abstraction of plain and mountain, buttes and plateau, open prairies, dappled shadows of cloud cover and crystal clear rivers of water. All of these speak to his early and late experience and assimilate through his love of watercolor, mastering his brush.

Artist will be present

Ridge Pizza:  7217 Greenwood Ave N

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Food and drink specials

Seattle Recreative:  8408 Greenwood Ave N

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Featured artist: Jesse Walton

For his first show in Seattle, Jesse Walton presents Fast Fish: a collection of sculptures and paintings made primarily with found materials.  Walton regularly seeks found materials for his practice, whether it’s scraps of redwood or decomposing logs left on Oakland curbs, cut offs from carpentry projects, or Styrofoam from decommissioned museum dioramas.  The title of the show is a play on the Fast Fish and Loose Fish code of whaling described by Herman Melville in Moby Dick.

“I. A Fast-Fish belongs to the party fast to it.
II. A Loose-Fish is fair game for anybody who can soonest catch it.”

-Moby Dick, Herman Melville

Stretch & Staple:  8005 Greenwood Ave N

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Featured Artist: Sunni Farley
Microscopic Photography

Through my art I want to share the experience of looking under the microscope; the vibrant color contrasts and unique patterns that can be found there.  I want to transform something that has universally negative connotations, into a work of art that can be appreciated for its abstract beauty.  I ultimately hope this might help those battling these illnesses find a renewed source of strength; a symbol of determination and even a victor’s trophy for a battle fought bravely and won.

Artist will be present

Thaiku:  6705 Phinney Ave N

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Food and drink specials

The Yard:  8313 Greenwood Ave N

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Warlock Labs:  101 N 85th St #203

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Featured Artists: Scott Faulkner, Jason Zayas, Melissa Caldwell 
Drawings and paintings inspired by pop culture

Spoils of Inktober 2

The month-long art challenge “Inktober” is over and artists Scott Faulkner and Jason Zayas are presenting the best of their ink work at Warlock Labs. Artist Melissa Caldwell will also be showing her colorful and energetic watercolor paintings.

Woodland Park Presbyterian Church:  225 N 70th St

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Open Mic Night

Art Up & Chow Down in PhinneyWood: Fri, April 12 from 6-9pm

Artwalk Map 2013_front


A-1 Piano: 7020 Greenwood Ave N
Art Walk Gone Bad! Our April Fool’s ‘Bad Art’ show opens Friday April 12th at A-1 Piano, and features paintings by various artists that are tasteless, trashy, questionable, tacky, corny, campy or just plain bad.  Cast your vote for the “baddest” art entry! Opening reception is April 12th from 6-10 pm, show runs through May 7th.


Ampersand Pantry & Cafe: 424 N 85th St, Suite 1
Open only until 8pm. Collaborative art (tempera paint and oil pastels) and abstract art (tempera paint) by Viewlands Elementary. Some artists present.

Avanti Art & Design: 7601 Greenwood Ave N, Suite 101
Monthly rotating art by local artists.

Squid Inc-crop

Bherd Studios Gallery: 312 N 85th Street, Suite 101
(located above Chase Bank)
Squid Inc.—or Giant Squid Supply—was one of the great companies to arise from the American Industrial Revolution, establishing itself in Ballard, WA in 1839. A squid-producing, transporting, refining and marketing company, their products fed kings, presidents, and the common man. Their miracle cure—Squid Ink—battled ailments from halitosis to boot rot, and could be found across the nation and the world (especially popular in print shops behind the Iron Curtain).

A powerful monopoly on the cephalopod trade, the company was broken up by the Supreme Court in 1987, and its history is shrouded in mystery. But the curtain has begun to lift! The collection of artifacts on display at Bherd Gallery was unearthed as recently as 1993, and has been painstakingly restored to the current condition. Four local artisans—Duffy, Justin Kane Elder & Stefan Hoffman of Electric Coffin, and Kellie Talbot—worked with the region’s top scientists, sociologists and philosophers for two decades to piece together facts amidst the mythology behind Giant Squid Supply. Transforming the Bherd Gallery into a cabinet of curiosities from the rise and fall of Squid Inc., these artist-scholars present vintage advertising and artifacts, shedding light on the history of this company that once held the world in their tentacles. Learn the forgotten history of this once-proud company, and find out why Great Grandpop always smelled of brine when he brushed his teeth. Artists present.

*Carmelita: 7314 Greenwood Ave N
$5 Happy Hour Menu All Night!


Chocolati Cafe: 8319 Greenwood Ave N
Illustrations by Alexie Hoffman. This collection of artwork contains wire-frame drawings from various projects the artist has worked on over the past 3 years. In showing this body of work the artist hopes you will see the beauty in beginnings, and how attention to line quality can carry a simple and elegant presence all on it’s own. Artist present.

*Cornuto: 7404 Greenwood Ave N
For the April Art Walk we will be doing a special for a margherita pizza with a glass of our house red/white wine for $15. (Normal pricing is as follows: $13 margherita, $6 glass of vino della casa)


Couth Buzzard Books: 8310 Greenwood Ave N
Martha Gallagher– PNW FOLKLORE SOCIETY COFFEE HOUSE CONCERT 7:30pm. Artists on display: Photographs by Holly Feral, Collages by James Feral, Hidden Shadows of Cancer Photographs by Ruby Smith, Pencil Drawers by Phillip Carpenter, Photographs by Richard Milliken, and Ceramics by Megan Treasure.


Echo Echo Gallery (Greenwood Collective)
8537 Greenwood Ave N, Suite 1
What happens when 18 artists get together to create art inspired by Star Wars? We don’t know either, but we know it’s going to be awesome.

Join, Alexandria Sandlin, Brandy Tanner, Christopher J Olson, Dexter Rothchild, Eric Dyer, The Goodkind, Grym, Hera Won, Jonathan Wakuda Fischer, Joseph Brooks, Justin Hillgrove, Mark Tedin, Mary Clymer, Maxx, Mike Capp, Ripley, Terese Nielsen, Xavier Lopez Jr

for a night you will surely remember. Art walk starts at 6, gallery opens around noon for sneak peekers. Artists present.


Fist Full of Metal Tattoo: 125 N 85th Street
The art style is mixed media and the artist will be present with some refreshments. This month, we are featuring something new and different!  Brian White is a local Seattle artist working with found objects and assemblage. “I find many of the objects I collect and work with to have a beautiful sort of sadness to them. A deep longing to be remembered, for one last moment.” Artist present.

The Foundry Print Shop: 129 N 85th Street
Sports Parody art. Artist present.

*Gainsbourg: 8550 Greenwood Ave N
Offering an artwalk special or discount.

In The Red Wine Bar & Cafe: 6510 Phinney Ave N
Monthly rotating artwork by local artists.

Kouzina: 8403 Greenwood Ave N
Monthly rotating artwork by local artists.


Ludlow: 7315 Greenwood Ave N
Morgan Jane Miller, Photographer. I am in love with photography. My photographs tend to be uncluttered and sometimes starkly simple.  and have often been described as painterly. I print on canvas and a very fine textured French cold pressed watercolor paper.  Coming in close with my camera isolates and tells what I think is a truer story. Light, form and shadow amaze me.

I trained at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and was, in my early years, a medical photographer in a teaching hospital.  The technical training I received there was unlike any I ever received in art school.  Because photographing sick people is both difficult and sad, I pursued beauty to help make up for the things that I photographed day to day.  My fine art work has been sold through designers and is in private collections across the United States, Canada and France.  I also have been published in National Geographic Travel Magazine.

I plan to continue learning to the very last of my days. Photography is such an exciting field and the new tools that have been developed for Digital Photographers has opened whole new worlds for creating.

Recently, I have been photographing things that are considered vintage.  I get a kick out of using a state of the art digital camera to capture the beauty and patina of chipped, rusty and just plain beautiful old buildings and  other things I come across in my travels. These images are all from France.

Mud Bay: 8532 1st Ave NW
Kiln formed and sand carved glass by Sasha Tepper-Stewart. Artist present.

Naked City: 8564 Greenwood Ave N
Iconic paintings of famous musicians by Casey Brookbrush.  Artist present.

Neptune Coffee: 8415 Greenwood Ave N
Illustrations and prints by Derek P. Sullivan. Artist present.

Oliver’s Twist: 6822 Greenwood Ave N
Acrylic paintings featuring the interconnectedness of all creatures great and small by Elizabeth Desiree. Artist Present.


Phinney Neighborhood Gallery: 6532 Greenwood Ave N
Painters Under Pressure at Phinney: a decade of discussion. In April, Painters Under Pressure, a Seattle print arts salon, will be showing their work at the Phinney Center Gallery. Painters Under Pressure Salon is a cohesive group of artists who gather each month to share our art with each other, offer and receive feedback, provide support, and discuss challenges of being an artist. We are celebrating our tenth anniversary this year. The group includes David Owen Hastings, Ruth Hesse, Iskra Johnson, Steve MacFarlane, Tracy Simpson and Jon Taylor. Opening reception from 7-9pm. Showing April 3 – May 1. Artists present.

The Studio of Awesome: 101 N 85th St, Suite 201
This April, The Studio of Awesome hosts our first annual Artist’s Spring Cleaning Supply and Overstock Sale! Artists from all over the Seattle area are bringing their samples, overstock finished product, and overstock supplies to sell at ultra-reasonable prices. Featured will be finished pottery from LAS Designs, quilting fabric, buttons, and supplies from Pickle Barrel, beads & jewelry findings from and the supply house, yarn and other knitting supplies from the land locked sailor, diy silk scarf and sneaker blanks from stir boutique, yummy lollipops from this charming candy and LOTS more! If you have a crafty habit, be sure to stop by! (Located at 101 N 85th Street, Suite 201 – just above Mori Japanese Restaurant!)


Tasty: 7513 Greenwood Ave N
Be amused. Be afraid. Be amazed. Be dazzled. It’s CABARET of the ABSURD opening night party at Tasty during April 12th artwalk from 6-10pm. Pop-up shop for Creatrix Headdresses ( and Tuzzie Muzzie ( on opening night only, get your CABARET headgear!

Original artworks on sale from Alea Bone (OR), Ariel Millihart (WA), Aubrey Derush (WA), David Camisa (BC), Dienzo (CA), Javier Ortega (WA), Lacey Bryant (CA), Laurie McClave (WA), Lea Barozzi (OR), Megan Majewski (BC), Megan Missfit (WA), Natalie Phillips (VA), Nina Friday (MI), Stasia Burrington (WA), TV Tommyvision (WA) and Whitney Lenox (CA). Show runs April 10 – May 7, 2013.  Artists present.

*The Olive & Grape: 8516 Greenwood Ave N
Enjoy 10% off all Olive Oils during the artwalk.

Two Birds Tattoo: 7408 Greenwood Ave N
Monthly rotating artwork by local artists.

Asian small clawed otter at Point Defiance Zoo, Tacoma

Urban Light Studios (Greenwood Collective)
8537 Greenwood Ave N, Suite 1
PLAY at Urban Light Studios. In honor of new Woodland Park Zoo exhibits designed for the child at heart, a group of ULS artists come together to MAKE TIME TO PLAY!

All of the art work is inspired by two of nature’s more playful characters including otters and mini humans. The show begs the question, what is keeping you from making time to play?

SUPPORT WPZ: A portion of the proceeds will support Woodland Park Zoo and their conservation funds

ARTISTS INCLUDE: Ryan Henry Ward, Sylvan Bourgette the Director and Founder of The Moonpaper Tent, Cameron Garland, Gwynne Siak and Tom Eykemans of Monocol, Christine Smith, Aliesha Larson, Mark Brennan,  Erika Rier and more….


Warlock Labs: 101 N 85th St, Suite 203
Paintings, Illustration and Jewelry by Scott Faulkner, Dalton Webb, Pamela Faulkner and Tom Dougherty. Artists present.

Works Progress: 115 N 85th St, Suite 202
Works Progress is the new Greenwood coworking space or shared space for freelancers, small businesses, telecommuters, and non-profits. We are excited to join the Art Up PhinneyWood events and will be hosting monthly rotating artwork by local artists.

This Friday, we are pleased to host artist Rowena Mae D. Javelona and will have some light refreshments available, including Filipino beer and lumpia.

Ms. Javelona is an architect by profession, but has a passion for fine art drawing, painting and photography. She has lived and traveled in many places and now divides her time between the two countries she calls home, the Philippines, the country of her birth, and the United States, specifically the Pacific Northwest. Javelona has exhibited her work in local libraries and neighborhood galleries.

Each of the drawings in this exhibit is done in Prismacolor color pencils on Canson sketch paper. All are created simply from my spontaneous, technicolor, wild imagination. If you have any questions or would like to purchase a drawing, please email the artist at

*The Yard Café: 8313 Greenwood Ave N
Offering an artwalk special or discount.

*Venues offering artwalk discounts and specials.